Now, more than 50 years after its humble grand opening, The North Face delivers an extensive line of performance apparel, equipment, and footwear. We push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration. We remain deeply proud to be the first choice of the world's most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners, and explorers.

We began by designing and manufacturing walls, as well as bouldering mats for various climbing facilities in Quebec, Ontario and the United States, covering areas of up to 5,000 square feet. We are also currently developing a range of roped walls. Additionally, we are working on developing volumes that will be marketed in September 2018.

With all that, we do not lose sight of our primary mission: to bring back to town the best of nature and mountains, and to create a new dynamic by appropriating and enhancing the space to develop urban climbing.

Innovation and tradition share equally deep roots at SCARPA, which to this day remains a family owned company with its headquarters and performance footwear manufacturing facilities in the same regions of northern Italy where it got its start in 1938. Founded in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains, SCARPA’s initial mission was to bring together all the best shoemakers in the Asolo area toward the goal of producing the best footwear anywhere. Now, we are continuing the pursuit of innovative mountain footwear. In 2005, SCARPA opened its North American headquarters in the Boulder, CO. The office now assists with product development for the U.S. and Canada and oversees sales and marketing in North America. 

We are passionate about our sports; we are passionate about boot making; we are passionate about performance.  

Flashed was born 1996 in an apartment by making chalk balls with panty hose and plastic ties. A very humble beginning, indeed. Since then, we have grown to include a varied lineup that caters to the indoor gym market and the outdoor boulderer. We design / provide chalk, chalk bags, bouldering mats, volumes, brushes, accessories, instruction, inspection, and indoor climbing flooring. Over the years, one thing has remained the same, our curious approach to innovation. We believe the best products are the ones that are researched/debated, designed, tested, used/abused and are themselves unique. This is our aim, to make bouldering gear that propels you to dream and move with confidence.

Dimension Volumes started out of necessity from the increasing demand for volumes, more specifically wood volumes. With that in mind, Dimension dedicated its passion for craftsmanship and routesetting to make the best volumes in the climbing industry. After only a couple of years, Dimension is leading the way. In 2017 we were chosen the best Volume Company in the annual Grip List and we are always looking to improve our products.

Delire was founded by Lisa Lajoie and Jeff Beaulieu, two lifelong climbers who along with Vincent Légaré, co-founded Delire Gyms in Quebec City. Lisa is our President and Jeff directs Operations. We’ve been building and installing climbing walls for over 15 years. With over 50 employees and three locations, we mainly serve the Northeast region of Canada and the U.S., but we’ve exported products as far away as Australia.

Constantly developing new designs, concepts and technological upgrades, Morpho is one of the leading companies in the field. Our holds and volumes are regularly used at world cups and other prominent competitions. You can find them in climbing gyms across the globe, from Australia and Japan to Mexico and Canada. All holds and volumes are produced in Slovenia.

Bouldering is the most organic form of climbing. At Organic Climbing, USA we are committed to producing the best gear possible. Our products are designed to be functional,durable, and unique. Hand made in the U.S.A., each piece is one of-a-kind. We are an alternative to the industry mainstream. Influenced by the climbing underground, we work to promote individuality and the art of bouldering. Organic Climbing products bridge the simplicity of bouldering and timelessness of art. We believe in promoting individuality and are inspired by the underground art scene. Crafted with simplicity and longevity in mind we utilize the highest quality materials and put in the extra time to ensure every piece is unique and stands out. Our small scale of production allows us to focus on adding an artistic one of a kind touch to each piece and to talk directly to you, our customer.

The SDC Central District is the voice and collective action force of some 1,700 business leaders from north-central Montreal, grouped together to develop a sector with high economic, urban and human potential. The Central District team acts on a daily basis to Represent, defend and promote the interests of their members attract investors, entrepreneurs, residents and consumers in the area, and mobilize the community around goals and projects for the whole Central District.

Boulder Denim is a Canadian performance denim company that makes stylish climbing jeans. They repel liquids, chalk, stains and are extremely stretchy. Their advanced technical denim blend has the best stretch retainment in the industry meaning they don’t lose their shape. These jeans are stylish enough to wear from the office to the gym to dinner out afterwards while still being technical enough to send your hardest projects. Make sure you try on their jeans in their Airstream showroom to see what all the hype is about! 

A climbing brand from Canada, synonymous with function, performance, with a minimalistic style. We have been dedicated to creating unparalleled quality products since 2016. What has been instilled in us since our early rebel days and throughout our history: an undeniable belief in ones-self and others; nature, harmony, positivity, encouragement, utmost respect for life experiences, travel and embracing the journey. What we make, we create for self-aware individuals looking for unique quality performance products to complement their own story with an open mind. Performance and functionality are key. We think climbing should emphasize your unique identity, style, and passion…not overrule it. Your passion is our reason to be. A place for the soul and inspiration for the journey!

What began with a backyard anvil and a hammer has now grown into a global company with offices on three continents. Black Diamond is a company that's not just for rock climbers and skiers, but one that stands for the spirit of the sports we live, their values and goals, past, present and future. Since 1957, our innovative gear designs have set the standard in numerous areas. This is partly the result of dedication, desire and diligence on the part of an incredible team of people. It's also a product of the fact that each of us are climbers and skiers ourselves.

Groupe Siren is a dynamic, results-oriented general contractor whose multidisciplinary team advises and guides clients at each step of the process. Siren ensures that all team members are involved so that the most integrated solutions possible are found for construction projects, major renovations, change of building vocation, project management, LEED building and project consulting.