For the qualifiers, athletes will try their best on 8 boulders in a scramble round. For the semi-final, it will be a classic 5 on/5 off isolation round of four boulders.

The 6 highest ranked men & women will progress to the final round, a world cup format where athletes will have 2 minutes to preview each of the four boulders and 4 minutes + to climb them.


It will be a NORTH FACE BOULDER MARATHON, an all-you-can-climb format of 50 boulders. You get points for everything you climb int he 4 hour window of the competition. It is a friendly event in which everyone is welcome to participate and have fun!


To register in the pro category, we recommend that men climb V8 and+, and women climb V6 and+. 

Every competitor who does not qualify for the semi-final round will have the opportunity to participate in the citizen competition for free on Sunday.


Climbers of all ages and abilities are welcome in the citizen category. This round will range from V0 to V11, but is mostly aimed for climbers who wish to have fun. There will be boulders for everyone, in every styles and grades. We encourage everyone to compete in this friendly competition. Come and push your limits with your friends! There will not be boulders specifically designed for kids.

Competitors shall not climb at Bloc Shop Chabanel the week prior to the competition to keep everything fair for everyone. Keep in mind that we have another facility in Montreal, Bloc Shop Hochelaga, that you are welcome to visit during this week.

Clients who wish to climb at Bloc Shop Chabanel will be able to do so according to the following wall closures.

Everyone is welcome to volunteer! We need judges and iso coordinator. Everything you need to know will be explained before each round by the head judge. A few positions require prior experience.

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