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This is by far our most advantageous offer. There is a $50 initiation fee to be paid only once, and then you can climb indefinitely each month. You can cancel it at any time without charge or pause it at your convenience for as little as $8/month.  

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PRIVATE WORKSHOP - PROGRESSION This workshop is mainly focused on movement, using video feedback to help you understand specific issues in your climbing. Offered to climbers of all levels. The following principles are addressed according to your needs: Warm-up, principles of movements, management of a climbing session, improvement, visualization, mental preparation, problem reading, strategy for climbing or competition climbing. Prices: 1 hour session: $50 + $10 per additional person up to 4 people total/workshop

100-DAY TRAINING PLAN This personalized planning based on 3 phases of 5 weeks, or 100 days (climbing training and complementary training), includes: One hour of physical test/assessment at the first session(only needed the first month) to determine your strengths and weaknesses. One hour per 100-day phase in person, to explain the planning and demonstrate the exercises. Email consultations to answer your questions. During your second meeting, you will receive your monthly planning and the procedure to follow. Prices: First period, 100 days planning + evaluation: $ 350 Next periods, 100 day planning: $ 300

Simon Généreux-Vien

Simon offers coaching in French and English.  

For the last ten years, Simon has built his climbing experience both indoors and outdoors. He made his coaching debut with junior teams while he entered the provincial competition circuit himself. In the past few years, Simon has been assistant coach with the provincial junior team. Additionally, he assists Matthew Johnson with the Pro team and is the head coach of the competitive team. Simon has studied physical rehabilitation which helps him understand various types of physical problems related to climbing and training